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Coastal Life Photography

Coastal Life Photography is a privately owned business that was created through the owner’s own love for the Coast. Founded in Mystic, Connecticut, Coastal Life Photography’s staff commit themselves to capturing only the finest images with an emphasis on coastal life. Family portraits, weddings, homes, boats, and more can be professionally photographed by our staff in the most Coastal way! 

Currently, we are available for projects in the CT, MA and RI areas. We also travel for special projects. Additionally, we are developing a national, some day to be international, network of Coastal minded photographers.

Also available for purchase through this website is our Fine Art Photography. Photographs may be purchased in several different formats and sizes. Please contact us directly to discuss licensing options.

Because of our love for the Coasts, a portion of all sales is donated to organizations focused on helping more people enjoy our Coasts. If you are such an organization please contact us to discuss various opportunities that are available to you.

Thank you in advance for visiting this site and for your ongoing support and enjoyment of Coastal Life Photography!!! Keep an eye out for us when you’re on the Coast. And remember…whenever you think of anything Coastal, please think of Coastal Life Photography.

Feel free to contact us at with questions or inquiries about our photography  products and services, or to discuss a special project or event.

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